Date 21/09/2020

Timeclocks Rolling Out

Fingerprint timeclocks have now been rolled out across most PICC locations on Palm.

For staff members, the timeclocks will make recording hours far simpler: now all that is needed is to touch lightly a finger to the timeclock.

Most staff will use the timeclocks four times a day: when starting their shift, when starting their lunch break, when finishing their lunch break and when finishing their shift. Staff do not have to use the timeclock when taking tea breaks.

Staff members leaving their workplace for work reasons – when visiting a client at home, for example – do not need to clock out when they leave and clock in when they return, but they should tell their manager or supervisor.

Timeclocks have been trialled and used at the PICC Townsville office since April, and the Safe House has trialled a timeclock since June.

With PICC’s current payroll system about to become obsolete, they make processing wages faster and more accurate. In an emergency, they can also be used to see which staff are working and where they are. They also ensure

If you have any questions about the new fingerprint timeclocks, please contact your manager or coordinator.

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