Diversionary Service

The Palm Island Diversionary Service provides a safe place for intoxicated clients to sober up. The Services delivered are those required for the provision of assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are at risk of harm or of being taken into police custody as a result of intoxication in public spaces, as well as providing supports, such as food and water, showering facilities and sleeping areas where clients are constantly observed, and emotional and personal support.

Our principles:

  • Support the safety and wellbeing of clients
  • Strengthen positive cultural connections
  • work in a collaborative way to support positive outcomes for clients
  • Ensure client confidentiality

We do this by:

  • Engaging and supporting clients
  • Assessing their needs and risks
  • Provides a range of activities aimed at reducing demand
  • Information and referral
  • Peer support through group activities

For more information, call 4791 4070.

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