Safe Haven Service

The Safe Haven is designed to respond to domestic and family violence issues within the Palm community. It targets children and young people aged under eighteen years and families caring for children who have experienced or witnessed violence in their homes. The Safe Haven provides many activities and programs, including the Night Cafe, the Youth Patrol and the Breakfast Program.  

The Night Café is a popular and long-running program at the Safe Haven. It provides a safe social space in the evenings for children and young people who may experience, or who are at risk of experiencing, violence or abuse in their homes and other children and young people who may want or need somewhere safe to go in the evenings. The Night Café is held at various locations across Palm Island. During the holidays we run holiday programs instead of the after-school Night Café.

The Safe Haven also runs the Youth Patrol, which escorts children who are outdoors at night to their homes or another safe space and keeps an eye on children and young people who are outdoors at night without an adult.

The Breakfast Program attracts over a hundred kids every school day. A nutritional breakfast is served from seven o’clock, giving our children the best possible start to their day – energised and ready to learn.

Contact Information and Opening Hours


Bwgcolman House (The Mall), Palm Island

Phone Number

4791 4068

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday. Office Hours, 8.30am-5pm, Night Café, until 9pm, and Youth Patrol until 10pm

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