Date 26/07/2019

The PICC Evaluation is finished

The PICC Evaluation looked at what PICC has done over the past ten years and what we need to do for the future.  The evaluation is finished now and we have the final report from the consultants, Ipsos.

Now we want to share the findings with the community. You can read the full report on PICC’s website: The report is very long, so we are printing a summary report that will soon be available in the community.  

What are we doing right?

The evaluations found that PICC services are highly valued by Palm Islanders who use them and the community especially appreciates having local staff.

The evaluation also says that PICC has achieved what it was set up to do and:

  • Is well-managed and well-governed
  • Provides much needed, services for the community that are well used and of a high quality and culturally appropriate
  • Is important in connecting community members with services they need
  • Has provided a lot of local employment opportunities and built a well skilled workforce
  • Has contributed to social and economic improvements for the community


What do we need to improve?

Communication with the Community

An important finding was that we need to better inform the community about what we are doing. We hope our new monthly newsletter, improved website, YouTube and Facebook sites will give you more information and we are looking at other ways to better tell you what we are doing.

Improved Organisation Policies, Systems and Data

The evaluation found that there is always room to keep improving our services and make sure they all work as well as possible. It also told us that many of our policies and systems have been OK in the past but need to be updated. We are already working on improving these things.

What else needs to change?

Changing how PICC is governed

One of the most important things from the evaluation is that it confirmed the importance of PICC changing its constitution to become community controlled. The Board has been working on this for more than a year as Mislam Sam, our Chairperson, announced at our last AGM. We are now talking to the Queensland Government and Palm Island Council about giving up their shareholdings in PICC so that the Company can change to having only Palm Islanders as members. We believe that this is important for the future of PICC and for self-determination of the Palm Island community.

If the Palm Island Council and the Queensland Government agreement to the restructure, then we will talk to other stakeholders, especially PICC staff and the wider community, to ensure you are kept informed about what is happening.

If you have any questions about the evaluation or the changes happening within PICC, you can contact us on (07) 4421 4300 or


Mislam Sam                        Rachel Atkinson

Chairperson                       CEO

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