Community Justice Group

The Community Justice Group (CJG) program develops strategies within the community for dealing with justice-related issues aimed at decreasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ contact with the justice system.

The CJG supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims and offenders at all stages of the legal process including the provision of sentencing submissions to court, attendance at court, and visits to prisons and detention centres. It is a valued resource on the Island and provides a platform for the Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council and other relevant agencies to consult on law and order matters. The CJG Coordinator plays a significant role in networking with these agencies to ensure that justice-related issues impacting on the Palm Island community are addressed collectively with a focus on the development of intervention programs.

Operating since 2008, the Palm Island Community Company is the auspice agency providing guidance and support to the CJG. The program is directed by the members of the CJG, a significant number of who are Palm Island Elders who meet monthly.

For more information, call 4791 4001.

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