Children and Family Centre

The Children and Family Centre is not just a daycare centre. Children, from before they are born up to eight years old, and their families receive important health services, early childhood education, and family support from the Children and Family Centre. The Centre offers the Palm Island community access to a wide array of antenatal, postnatal, and parenting support services under the one roof. Services include General Practitioners, Aboriginal health workers, child educators, and family support workers. Broader Centre programs include early childhood education and care, parenting and family support services, and child and maternal health services which will help to build capacity in the community through the provision of specialist support services and advice, and give young Palm Islanders the best start to life.

Offered in conjunction to the Children and Family Centre are several specialist medical services, such as those for eye health and diabetes. The Service also provides access or referrals to related agencies and services.

There is also an after-hours general practitioner service offered on some evenings.

For more information, call 4791 4031.

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