Services and Programs

The majority of the Palm Island population (31%) is 14 years or younger, which is a huge contrast to the rest of Queensland, where the under 14 population makes up only 20.2%.

Further, just 2.3% of people on Palm Island are aged over 65, with 13.2% over that age in the rest of the state.

The social services system in the rest of Australia is geared up to meet the needs of an increasingly ageing, non-Indigenous population, but on Palm Island, the demographic and, therefore, community needs are very different.

PICC is developing and delivering human and social services that are targeted at the largest areas of demand for the Palm Island community. While PICC provides services to a range of the community, the majority of resources are used to target the needs of Palm’s population of children and families.

It is with local knowledge and understanding that PICC develops its programs, ensuring they are relevant to the community it serves.

Not only are PICC programs designed to be relevant, sustainable and affordable, programs are delivered by local people to the local community where possible, helping to create jobs.

The PICC model is dynamic, and continues to develop and roll out programs and services aimed at closing the gap for the community of Palm Island.

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