Date 23/12/2020

Prepare Now for Wild Weather

Summer is here, and with it come rain, floods, thunderstorms and cyclones. As you know, the peak is normally in January and February, but cyclone season does not end until 30 April. PICC strongly encourages everyone in tropical Queensland to think ahead about how bad weather could affect all of us over the coming months.  

Prepare a kit with long-life food, water, medications, batteries and other essentials, as well as a first-aid kit. Also remember to bring food, water and medication for your pets, if you have any. If you’re on the mainland, you only need three days’ worth of these, but if you’re on Palm, try for at least a week in case the ferries and planes have to stop.

Check your home for overhanging branches, loose fittings or anything else that could blow away and cause damage, then get rid of it, secure it or bring it inside.

Plan what you’d do if a cyclone comes, and where you’d go if you have to evacuate, especially if your home is in a storm surge area or a flood area.

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