Date 14/12/2020

Health and Wellbeing Event Raises Awareness

The Health and Wellbeing Event raised awareness of sexual violence.  

Held on the evening of 9th December, the event had food, games, activities and prizes as well as information, speakers and stalls from services and programs across Palm concerned with sexual violence.

The highlight of Sexual Violence Awareness Month 2020 on Palm was the production of a video showing members of the Palm community, Elders and PICC staff members speaking out against sexual violence. The video was designed to show that many people from across Palm utterly reject the use of sexual violence, that help is available and understand that it is never the victim’s fault. To underscore the need for change, a second video shows sobering statistics about the prevalence of sexual assault and violence across Australia.

The videos are available on the PICC Youtube channel.

The Sexual Violence Prevention Month Event and Videos were organised and produced by PICC and made possible by a grant from the Queensland Government.

Sexual violence is the use of force or pressure to obtain, or to try to obtain, a sexual act. Without your consent, any sexual act someone forces on you, tries to force on you or intimidates you into consenting to is wrong and a crime. 

If you have experienced, are experiencing or think you are at risk of experiencing sexual violence, these are some of the services that can help you.

National Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Line: 1800 737 732 (24 hours).

Lifeline: 131 114.

Sexual Assault Helpline: 1800 010 120.

Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800.

Women’s Service: 4791 4010.

Safe House: 4791 4020.

SDFVS: 1800 725 647.

If you want to report what has happened, it is best to contact the police right away, but it’s OK to wait until you’re ready to talk to them about it.

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