Date 21/09/2020

A Message from the CEO—September 2020

The worst of the coronavirus crisis has passed, and life is mostly back to normal.  

Here at PICC, the services and programs we had to close in March are now mostly reopened. Our staff, who have been so wonderful in minimising disruptions to PICC’s work for you during the shutdown, are now running like they used to.

But we can’t stop being careful – just look at what’s happened in Melbourne lately. The risk isn’t gone until we have a vaccine or a cure.

That’s why I want everyone to keep up the good work. Palm is a really strong, resilient community. I have always believed in what Palm can do, and I believe Palm will stay strong and healthy until all this is over.

All we need to do is keep taking the same care we’ve been taking for months now.

And whatever happens, PICC will be here to help you.

Have a deadly month.

Rachel Atkinson

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