Date 14/12/2020

A Message from the CEO—December 2020

I am pleased to tell you that PICC is now running Family Care Services on Palm Island.

Until 30th November, TAIHS has been providing this service to Palm Island as the Foster and Kinship Care Service. PICC and TAIHS are working closely together to deliver the transition, and to ensure that all our carers are supported throughout this period.

PICC is best placed to deliver the service so that we can provide more local support to carers and, we hope, increase the number of family carers on Palm Island. More family carers means more children kept on Palm Island, connected to their families and to their community.

We at PICC thank TAIHS for all their support with this transition, and we look forward to delivering the FCS.

More about the FCS will be announced shortly, including in future issues of the Wunja Tribal Voice.

On another topic, 14th November was World Diabetes Day. The International Diabetes Federation, Diabetes Australia, the World Health Organisation and others across the world have come together to promote this event – as you might have guessed! – to increase awareness of diabetes, which is becoming more and more common everywhere.  

Sadly, diabetes is already too common on Palm, and we know from our Medical Centre that a lot of people with diabetes can need some assistance to manage it well.   

If you have diabetes, please see the friendly team at our Medical Centre to make sure you’re being kept in the best of health. Even if you don’t have diabetes – and especially if you think you might have it – we encourage you to learn about diabetes, its prevention and its symptoms, and to see the Medical Centre if you’re worried.

Have a deadly month.

            Rachel Atkinson

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