Community Enterprises

PICC operates three social enterprises on Palm Island so that the community can enjoy products and services like those on the mainland and to provide choice for shoppers.

The Farm Road Bakery sells fresh bread and other baked goods daily, and also offers other foods and drinks such as coffee and pies. Phone 4770 1653.

The Community Shop on Farm Road sells new and pre-owned clothing, electronics, haberdashery, books, and home decorations. Phone 4770 1677.

The Farm Road Service Station sells petrol and diesel, and other automotive products. Phone 4770 1653.

Palm Automotive on Farm Road offers mechanical services and vehicle repairs on Palm Island. Vehicle service and repair is also available in Garbutt, Townsville. Phone 4770 1257 or 0487 415 523 for Palm Island or 0459 817 408 for Townsville.

All profits from our community enterprises are returned to the Palm Island community through PICC’s businesses and services. Our enterprises also offer training and skills development to their staff.

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