The Palm Island Women’s Services provides short-term crisis accommodation and support networks for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.  It also provides associated services such as general counselling, information and assistance in applying for Domestic Violence Orders.

Staff receive regular training in functions including first aid, CPR, working with clients with complex needs, behavioural management, and responding to domestic violence.  The focus of the service is to ensure that a safe and caring environment is maintained and the immediate needs of clients are identified and met appropriately.

The Women’s Centre is able to accommodate up to five families or 15 people at any one time and collaborates with the Family Support Hub to host a weekly women’s yarning circle.  The circle has evolved to provide a popular, safe and social space where women can share stories and discuss the issues that affect them and their families. Its popularity continues to increase as it extends to include clients across other PICC services such as Disability and the Lifelong Planning Initiative.

Referral pathways exist with the police and the Joyce Palmer Health Service.